Help Nicole Cover Emergency Expenses

I’m reblogging this post so I can share the link in the hopes that more people can see this and help out! I wish I could donate a bit myself, but right now I am unable to. Either way, I’m boosting the signal for sure!

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Hello everyone!

It’s been an absolutely exhausting trial of a year-plus for everyone I know. My households shared a bubble for 14 months of lockdown, which we are cautiously emerging from one step at a time. Everyone I know is facing some kind of personal trial or other, myself absolutely included.

I want to ask your help with one of them, today, please – if you can’t contribute directly, at least share the link along:

My friend Nicole and I, along with others in Treebridge coven, helped a mutual friend out of an abusive situation. It was handled on very short notice. I handled much of the logistical wrangling, while Nicole dove directly into the fray, hopping on a plane to collect our friend and drive her and her two cats across several states to live in the safer place we found for her.

Nicole floated the cost of…

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